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Started officially in August of 1996 as Puck we played at Ashtabula Church of God where Joshua Galloway's father was the pastor. We played for a while under that name and changed it to several different ones. Puck, Wolfhead. The last one, which we had concerts under was LifeBlood. We liked that name, and kept it at that for over a year. After our last concert with Hope Against Hope superstars Perseverance(metalcore galor!) and Youngstown hero's Vessel(phat rapcore!) we had a large split. I stayed in the music with Joshua Galloway, who soon left to work full time and get married and stuffs. I enlisted in the help of bassist Chris McBride. He's a great bassist who plays like Sepultura one second, and Metallica the next, and then on to Slayer! I remained vocalist/guitarist for a time, and then asked for the help of LifeBlood's x-bassist Joshua 'Vladimir' Russel to be on vocals, and I dropped to full-time guitarist.

We then changed our name from LifeBlood to Strive. We decided that the term lifeblood refers to the blood of Christ, and also made it sound as if WE were the blood of Christ, which we're not. So we changed it to Strive, because we Strive to do God's will from day to day.

One thing remained the same throughout our ministry, and that's the fact that we all love God, and wish to be in his grace and mercy everyday.